My thoughts on To The Bone new Netflix movie

The much anticipated movie, To The Bone, has provoked a lot of attention from people within the eating disorder community.

I would prefer it to have caused more of a stir in people who have no experience of eating disorders but are they going to be the people who watch it?!

It’s so hard that so often, when trying to raise awareness of mental illness, we end up preaching to the converted and it ends up being more about whether it’s been a typical representation or whether anyone’s offended or triggered by it.

What I want is for people who do not know anything about eating disorders to watching this film. It doesn’t show the whole recovery story but it does show the difficulty coming to terms with needing treatment.

People within the eating disorder world are putting people off from watching it, this is probably their aim. I’m not quite sure why other people think their story “better portrays” anorexia or why it’s ok to deliberately trigger yourself and then lash out at the film’s leading lady or director.

By it’s nature Hollywood is glamorous and stories are simplified for entertainment purposes. If we want to use a widely accepted form of media to raise awareness, we have to accept these compromises.

This film will do more to get conversations going than any blog writer and I’m happy to thank them for doing it.

Please don’t watch it if you think you may be triggered, it really is that simple. I know it may not be easy as in recovery we’re all ambivalent but it is a simple yes/no desision about whether to watch it. Maybe shut off social media for a few days to let the hype die down and every time you’re tempted to click yet another To The Bone link, say “no”.

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5 thoughts on “My thoughts on To The Bone new Netflix movie

  1. As I commented to another reviewer I wish I had waited, read some reviews, then made a decision. It triggered me and set me back in recovery. It will trigger others. I didn’t watch it to be triggered. i watched it to see if it would be a good film to recommend to friends so they could understand. I personally feel it isn’t. My full comment on this film, from someone else blog is here:

    I forgot that I had decided not to watch anything related to Eds. This is a good reminder, even if it is helpful to others. Lesson learned.


    1. Thanks for your comment. My point exactly, this movie is not for the ED community to watch, there was a disclaimer at the beginning.

      I think it’s purely a conversation starter and I think that’s a good way to raise awareness. Many people will want to jump in with “it’s nothing like that” and that’s a valid view point, there’s no harm in having an open conversation about how everyone’s story is different.

      I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time. I’m not one for giving out advice as I have no idea what’s best for other people but maybe stop reading posts/blogs about the film? I wish you well in your recovery xx

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      1. Good advice although I do like reading different reviews. They aren’t triggering. They offer different perspectives so I can get a better, or rather, a more diverse view point of it. For some things, it even changes my view which is always an interesting experience.


  2. I agree with this entirely. I know I’m not an anorexia sufferer, I’m on the bulimia side of things, but I got my family to watch this movie and it made them understand that it’s not as easy as people think it is to “just eat normally”.
    All movies will have critics, but at least its getting people talking


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